I Love Patterns: William Morris Gallery

Today should really be my fortnightly 'dose of inspiration' post but I currently have a backlog of 7 'drafts' all of which are already formatted picture-wise and just need some words... so I thought I'd put one of those to good use as William Morris has provided me with an almighty dose of inspiration that will probably last my whole life! I've been a big fan of William Morris since I first studied his work in sixth form, but my love for him has increased a thousand times over since realising surface pattern design is what I most want to do! It was actually my doctor who told me a couple of months back that there is a gallery dedicated to him in Walthamstow and since seeing one of his original pieces up close at the print and study room at the V&A last week, my friend and I were extra specially desperate to go! 

The gallery is situated in one of his old houses, somewhere near Walthamstow Central station in North-East London. The house has a homely feel too it, with carpeted stairways and many fireplaces etc still in place... I think having the textile/wallpaper patterns everywhere definitely adds to the warmth and cosiness! I was in one of my little happy-pattern-heaven moods and took about twenty times longer than my friend to walk round the gallery stopping to stroke, draw and photograph every pattern I saw... even the toilet doors... if ya lucky I may show some of my sketchbook one day next week toooo! I also spent far too long sitting on the carpet hugging sample books. You do not understand, this man is like a pattern god. It was totally mindblowing how much amazing and super detailed work he did in his lifetime, like astonishing... he must have worked twenty-four hours a day, everyday, ever. But yeah, well worth a visit, especially if you're a fellow patternaholic!

Slightly morbid for 9am, but I want someone to be able to say that about me when I die. ;)

Naomi x

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  1. Wow .. Now I see why you were so excited! His work is absolutely amazing!
    I can't wait to peek into your sketch book! - Jade x