I Love Patterns: V&A Architecture

Hello, hello. What's occurred since we last met? I've spent 22 hours in the print room at uni and out of that I have one successful print... joy! But I am pretty excited to try printing it on fabric tomorrow. I've been trying for weeks and finally written a measly 320 words for an essay that's due on Monday... I know, I know, most students could do it on the Sunday night, but as I have such trouble reading and writing I'm so scared I'm not going to make the deadline. People keep telling me 'but you blog' and it's like, yeah, but that's just my own endless stream of consciousness, it's like chatting - my grammar can be really off and I don't have to reference loads of people i've never heard of. Oh I've bought a domain name... I can't afford time to make a website yet though. I've hung some Christmas decorations in my uni house and started playing festive songs...but I have not bought a single present. And to top off all this I've become soooo ill, like the most exhausted and painful I remember. Hopefully not a full blown relapse...but definitely looking that way. My arms and legs keep going numb and funny, but I'm not sure if that's just the physio I started last week? I'm knackered, I can't speak in sentences...I definitely cannot write an essay in sentences...my arms are basically giant bruises from the physical pressure on them from screen printing. I'm just soooooo tired and I feel like it's impossible to explain to anyone or for anyone to understand... Meh.

ANYWAY, here are some super pretty patterns from the V&A :) Apart from the obvious ones on the wallpaper and windows, I've got to a stage in my pattern craze where I just spot shapes and lines making their own patterns everywhere...on the tube, in the kitchen, in drains and bins! I wish I had all the time in the world so I could make things from the little doodles I draw in these places! But yeah, the V&A's structure and architecture is formed of wonderful curves and each material is so carefully crafted to perfection. Especially the columns and the tiling. I think I may do more posts like this of beautiful places and things becoming patterns in my eyes ;) This all makes NO sense, you can tell my brain is in gobbledegook mode! Pretty excited I've been collecting up some found typography photos too - another potential blog 'series'? I never even did the cute places one! So many ideas, such little time!

Naomi x

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  1. wow it looks amazing when it's all lit up like that. I love the V&A, sometimes I wish I had gone to uni in London just so I was closer to it. It's so beautiful!! Your prints look awesome by the way, it makes me miss the last module, I love screen printing. xx