Arty Adventures at Atlantis Art

Once again I feel like I'm betraying Cass Art by writing a blog post about another shop... but nonetheless Atlantis is a wondrous (and very photogenic) place! I've always wondered how the general Brick Lane area of London can be so creative with such a lack of art shops, but little did I know that hidden away down Hanbury street was what claims to be Europe's biggest art shop. It also shares a building with D&AD- whose window I peeked into to see a world of yellow and black and funky designs and geometric shapes! I would describe Atlantis as the sort of art shop for people who want to take their art seriously. Like proper grown-up seriously! There are just rows and rows of every possible colour of every possible material and media ever, absolutely thousands of types of canvas and paper and a whole wealth of pens/pencils/paintbrushes. It's definitely worth a browse if you're nearby, even if it's just to gape in awe and think wishfully... the prices are not cheap! But if you can afford it, the stuff really looks well and truly worth it.

Naomi x

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