I promised that this year I would blog a lot more about my course, my own art and my inspiration, so I thought I'd begin with this mini project that we had to kickstart the year! We only had about a week and a half with the brief, so it's been pretty fast and intense and I haven't had the chance to do my normal level of research and preparation, instead I turned straight to Pinterest and started to collate a board of all things zine. I also included sketchbooks and general graphic design/illustrations as these still gave me ideas for innovative compositions. The brief was to turn our summer project research into a 16 page zine, with the specification of being at least a5 and having exactly 16 pages. I will do a post in the next couple of days of my zine progress, which has been severely err.. well completely ruined by the grumpy print studio technician, but in the meantime you can have a nosey at it on my arty Facebook page - do leave comments/like stuff and share away! 

This are a small selection of the most inspiring zine-type things I found on Pinterest, sorry that they're not individually credited but if you click on the board you can see their original sources:  

Naomi x

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