Winter Wishlist!

So it as recently come to my attention that a) I have no winter clothes and b) I'm developing a severe shopping addiction. Which my bank account is *not* happy about at all. In the past month I've bought three pairs of new shoes. Oops. Although they are actually all adorable, so it's excusable. I am in dire need of some winter weight jumpers though and some slightly warmer dresses would also be nice, or at least some with more wintery prints. I recently tried on the most beautiful cardigan in Urban Outfitters, it didn't look like anything special but I tried it on and never wanted to take it back off...unfortunately I did have to, as I didn't have a spare £45... however I found one almost identical on boohoo.com! I'm not really 'in the habit' of shopping at Boohoo, in fact I think I only currently own one (ancient) item from there, but every now and again I am reminded of its low prices and wide range of clothes and I go and fill up a metaphorical shopping basket on their website. I rarely 'proceed to checkout' but yesterday's hours spent on various clothes websites lead to a very long wish list being formed (longer than this!) But as you can see, I have an awful habit of always picking 'similar' clothes...always some shade of blue, green, burgundy or grey and always patterned and/or oversized. Which in fact makes this post look rather a mess. Having recently purchased some amazing red Kickers, I am trying to introduce red back into my wardrobe, but it's a bit risky as to whether things would show up a nice red or a horrible shade of orange... either way, I am hoping to treat myself to a nice little outing to Westfield Stratford City on Thursday in search of a "winter coat" (i.e. loads of oversized dresses, dungarees and big jumpers!)

Ahhh, this post looks such a mess! A beautiful mess of beautifully mismatched patterns, but a mess nonetheless - apologies!

One   --  Two  --   Three  --  Four
Five  --  Six  --  Seven  --  Eight
Nine  --  Ten  --  Eleven  --  Twelve
Thirteen  --  Fourteeen  -- Can't Remember, eek --  Sixteen

Naomi x

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