This Week's Dose of Inspiration: Johnny Hannah

This week's dose of inspiration comes from Johnny Hannah, an artist who I totally fell in love with at the start of last week when our tutor got out a box of example zines. The zine was created from simplistic three colour screen prints, a style which I was dead keen to use for my own at the time. Unfortunately I couldn't find images of the same zine online, but upon googling his name to try and share it with you guys I discovered a wealth of wonderful hand drawn typographic pieces - which had been used for a wealth of commercial purposes. Silly as it sounds, it always excites me immensely when I find illustrators with exciting styles who have been commissioned to put that work to good use!! I think that the reason I found his work quite so beautiful to look at was the raw hand rendered style mixed with the fact that I felt a sort of 'love' behind the work which I think was from having my hands on an actual screen printed copy of this beautiful zine! Wish I could have shared it on here. One of the biggest things I wanted to use my second year to improve on was my use of typography and although that is not exclusively what Johnny Hannah does, his work has motivated me lots in that area :)

Naomi x

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  1. His illustrations are absolutely beautiful!
    Lauren // OhHay Blogs!