This Week's Dose of Inspiration: Emily Sutton

Woah, I cannot believe Saturday has come back round already and that it's already time for another dose of inspiration post! I've had an overwhelming amount of work this week, the start of new projects is always my busiest time... (and on top of loaaaads of work for people) I've started two new uni projects in the last week! Both of which are quite contextual and are going to involve an insane amount of 'research', so as soon as my tutor finished speaking at uni on Monday I raaaaaaan off to sprint around several museums in central London until closing time... why do they all shut at 5.30pm!? Not.Enough.Time. As one of the projects is quite historical, looking at lifestyle and childhood in WW2, I thought it was an appropriate week to share the work of Emily Sutton with y'all! Her work just has such a wonderfully British and historical feel about it, almost 'folky' I think because of the wonderful incorporation of patterns (yay patterns!) The level of decorativeness and detail, whilst also being so careful with colour, is something I really aspire to get to in my own work. I particularly love her shop front drawings, they remind me a lot of a Sally Gardner book that I had as a child.

Naomi x

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