If you don't read anything else of this post, just PLEAAAASE accept my apology for the AWFUL and ATROCIOUS photo quality. I took them on my phone because the camera battery ran out just before I arrived and not only is my phone camera pants, but it turns out my phone's 'auto edit' software thingy turns pavement into the most horrifically ugly thing ever! 

Anywaaaay, last Sunday I was out and about in East London (as always!) when I received a text from my mum saying that Nick Sharratt was at the Big Draw event at the Museum of Childhood in Bethnal Green (my favourite museum in all of London!) As I was nearby and as I was a massive fan as a child, and well... still am, I decided to abandon everything I was doing and go! When I arrived I was genuinely the oldest person there by about 17 years, but I didn't care!! I had a good nosey around at the printmaking and stuff inside before heading back outdoors and sitting in amongst a big happy mess of chalk drawings. I got out a blue and yellow and started drawing some houses before Nick Sharratt came over (!!!!!) and offered to help me draw myself on the floor! He traced around me whilst we discussed illustration thing and then left me to draw on the details and colour in. AMAZING. Plus this was all just across the road from where I met Rob Ryan. Bethnal Green is obviously the place to be. 

It made me sooo happy to see all these children being encouraged to draw on a big scale and the fact they were being taught printmaking techniques too. I always fear that the young children of today have so much technology/their own iPads from such a tiny age that they will never just sit and draw like we spent hours and hours of our childhoods doing, so it was really encouraging to watch. Plus it was amazing to see the parents joining in. The Big Draw is an initiative/event which takes place all over the country so if you know/have children, do encourage them to go and join in! It's free and great fun. I think I remember from looking last year that they even have events actually aimed at slightly older people, which may have made me look less strange...

Naomi x

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