September in Instagram Posts :)

I don't think I've done a summary post before, I'm not sure if to make it a regular occurrence, but I don't think I will ever have a month as busy/exciting as this again! I always get a bit conscious of posting instagram photos on here, when they're put next to each other I think that they seem a tad kind of inconsistent because of all the different filters and colours and obviously the photo quality isn't up to much! But nonetheless, I decided that instagram would be the best format to summarise September... 
I spent the first week 'relaxing' at home... i.e. catching up on work, packing and watching too much Friends.
I moved back to London BY TRAIN. Silly idea. I had more bags than even this and had to change trains 3 times.
In the couple of weeks between moving back and uni starting I volunteered at London Fashion Week and Weekend...I also had a few job interviews and stuff but they amounted to nothing :(
I discovered this is a thing!!!!!!!!!!! I've also eaten my own body weight in strawberry Roses (which you can also buy alone now!) and quality street:)
I had my induction thingy for being a CASS Art Student Ambassador, which is the most exciting job everrrr.
I've started using the smoothie maker that Mum bought me in 2009 for the first time and now I'm ADDICTED.
Did a couple of new wedding drawings-one for my second cousin and one for my brother. Going to start selling these as custom prints on Etsy soooon.
Taken waaay too many plant selfies, but I bought loaaaads at Columbia Road and only spent a fiver! :)
I love my new housemates so much. I feel superrrr at home and its so lovely compared to last year! :)
I met Ellie for the first (and second) time and we went to a place with adorable houses!
Met up with Josie for the first time in months and we went to lates at the museum and I want to go back every month!
Finally went back to uni after the longest summer holiday ever known to man. Witness here the lively studio atmosphere!
Finally got back some of the photos from James' wedding, cannot believe it was already a month ago!
Pretty patternsssss (uni work!)
My legs are really really struggling lately :(((
Zine in progress! This is only a dummy version, hence the wonky cutting!
Finally ombre-d my hair!!! This picture doesn't show it well AT ALL. Plus I'm getting it cut soon, so going to have to re-do it anywayssss
And, as seen previously - this is my new bedroom! :D

Naomi x

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