People of Print & Instabear :)

Today I'm going to be raving about two amazing companies 'People of Print' and 'Instabear'. As a CASS Art student ambassador I'm not entirely sure I should be raving on about another art shop's student day, but I met these two companies at the London Graphic Centre yesterday!! Both had set up a stall within the covent garden store and were offering yet more freebies (I can't even begin to explain how many freebies I came home with yesterday!!)

I've followed People of Print online for yeaaaars, but this was my first face to face encounter with them. They had three silkscreen printing stations set up, each with a different design by one of two illustrators, you then had the opportunity to screen print your own t-shirt with your favourite design. As someone who lovessss screen printing I was buzzing to do it just for the opportunity to pull a squeegee for the first time in ABSOLUTELY ages (not a euphemism) but I also really loved seeing the fascination of the lots of people whose background laid elsewhere in design try it out for the first time! Instabear were also doing insane freebies, offering the chance to print loads of your instagram pictures off for free just by using the student day hashtag, they also kindly offered a 10% discount on any full orders you may want to make. 

Those of you wondering who these people are who keep popping up in ALL my photos and blogposts, they're 3 out of 5 of my amazing housemates this year in London!

Naomi x

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  1. Wow! this is really cool.. never heard of these companies!