Out & About: NOA Exhibition

And YET AGAIN, I seem to have ended up back at Somerset House, woo. I was actually sent by my supervisor to see the National Open Art Competition's exhibition whilst I was there during Fashion week, purely to gape at the horrendous price tags. Some of these were on sale for as much as £14,000! It's no secret that I'm not keen on fine art however a lot of these were quite sort of illustrative, decorative and almost 'humble' compared to their neighbours if you know what I mean! The purpose of this competition/exhibition is to provide literally an 'open' platform for members of the public to give their art a chance to become visible. For the first (and probably last!) time I'm not actually going to ramble on a lot in this blogpost because I feel its really the type of thing where the pictures do the talking and everything is so subjective to opinions its pointless for me to babble on!

Naomi x

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  1. So many lovely pieces- love the camera one the most though!
    Lauren // OhHay Blogs!