Out & About: Islington Contemporary Art & Design Fair

I'm starting to feel as though my blog is becoming a bit of a monotonous combination of just exhibition visits, artists I like and very little else, which isn't really the intention I have for this blog. I did however collect a couple more sets of photos from more varied events yesterday, but I thought I'd blog about Islington Contemporary Art and Design Fair whilst it is still happening, just in case you happen to be out and about in that area today! I was actually meant to be volunteering here for two days, but unfortunately I've not had the best week strength-wise and I had to pull out pretty last minute. Luckily I was still able to go and have a peek at what it was all about whilst I was nearby.

Despite covering two floors, in terms of content the exhibition, or 'fair', itself was a lot smaller than I had expected, however in fairness it does span across the four weekends of October- each one with a different specialism as its focus area. This week's being 'Illustration, Printmaking and Photography'.  I have shockingly few photos of any work itself it seems, which almost sums up my opinions. In a non-nasty way (whether that be because I'd just attended a 5 hour 'psychogeography' lecture/workshop, maybe) I was much more interested in the surroundings than the work itself. I was disappointed in the proportion of photography compared to the other disciplines, as much as I do LOVE photography, I felt it was extremely over-powering and was upset that there wasn't much printmaking on display. Enough of my negative emotions, despite what I'm saying the majority of the work was amazing and I think it's well worth a visit. Inparticular, from the perspective of a student or the freshly graduated, I found it really really awesome that all of the artists were present and hence available to engage in discussion about their own work. I heard a couple of interesting conversations going on about how people had broken into the industry and/or how they'd got their work seen. 

& thought of the day from Angel station...

Naomi x

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  1. i am truly loving all these exhibitions and fairs and everything! im glad you are enjoying it all and it just makes me want and wish to be able to go to them more. in fact, it urges me to make the time to go to awesome creative things and try to do it! so thank you its a world i wouldnt have seen otherwise!
    Lauren // OhHay Blogs!