MY OWN WORK: Zine Project

Our super duper speedy zine project which was a warm-up kinda thing to slowly get us back into uni life has come to a "finish" so I thought I'd share my thoughts and my final piece with yous! I put the word finish in inverted commas because in reality I'm still kind of experimenting with the structure and size and I have a fair few more copies to assemble before the *proper* deadline in January. I've genuinely really enjoyed this project, it's the first time I've made a zine and I think it's something I'm going to continue doing in my own time, maybe even for the still-non-existent-Etsy shop! My zine was focussed around the small Andalucian village of 'Frigiliana' and my aim was to sort of capture it in time and pick out the subtle elements from its Moorish heritage, such as the patterns, before it is totally transformed into an unrecognisable tourist town. 

The wallet-like structure tied up with string opens to reveal a typical window and door, behind the left hand side is an open-up "map" of the village and the right hand side opens up into a concertina continuous scene around the village. With the specific one I photographed, I was posting it to my mum (she doesn't 'do' internet so never gets to see what everyone else does!) so I made a matching envelope for it too, this also happens to be a mini-version that doesn't reach the (ugly) a5 requirement specified by my tutor.  I've also included the basic photoshop files in this blog post so that you can see them by themselves. 

Comments about this muuuuch appreciated (especially improvement ideas), as are 'likes' on the arty farty Facebook page ;)

Naomi x


  1. your linework is stunning and i love the little textures you've dropped in here and there! i think my favourite illustration is the one with all the old folk (or at least i presume they're old?!) sat on the bench :) lovely, can't wait to see what else you share on your blog!

    robyn x

  2. love the zine. it is so beautiful! the use of overlays and textures work really well together and it honestly just looks great. Love the pattern you created too.
    Lauren // OhHay Blogs!