London Life: Word on the Water

Finallyyy, a Londony post that isn't just photos of a gallery/exhibition, woo! I really miss having the time to just explore like I did last year and having the time to just go and chill around Brick Lane every Sunday! A few weeks ago, myself and Caroline went to a lecture/workshop thingy at Central St Martins (amazing building!!!) which was run by one of our tutors. It was about psychogeography and was genuinely the most interesting thing and I might actually write a blog post on that, if I can remember the details, it's been quite a few weeks haha... the second part of the workshop involved us going on a 'drift' following a mapped out route, which started along Regents Canal - where there was this most amazing bookshop!! I am guessing it moors at different locations everyday, but I am surprised I haven't come across it before, as I have spent a fair bit of time at multiple places along the water. The canal boat has been transformed into a book shop, which actually holds an impressive amount of books - from every genre you could possibly imagine.... and non-fiction books from every walk way of life. The slightly confined space has a cosy and comforting feel to it, with eclectic vintage objects randomly placed around and places to sit.... it's just so incredibly cute!! I would recommend you visit, but I'm not sure how you'd find it :( Keep your eye out!

Naomi x

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  1. Oh I love bookshops! I get all excited and everything!