London Festival of Heat

Last weekend on the day of the London Art Book Fair/the day I met Nick Sharratt I also visited the London Festival of Heat at Spitalfields City Farm. Anyone who knows me knows that I like my food HOT and I mean reaaaally HOT. I eat chills just as they are full of seeds and when we're at Nandos I literally just eat the black bottle sauce off a spoon and complain how mild it is. So I headed to the farm in the hope that there would be some people who shared my love of hot spiciness! The small farm was packed full of little stalls run by companies who made various chilli based products (mostly sauces/relishes.) I started my trip off on a hunt for free samples and as EVERY stall had about twenty-thirty different ones I dived straight in with the hottest at each stall trying to find something adequately hot for my strangely resilient taste buds. 

The first few stalls were very disappointing as people claimed they were more about flavour and less about heat, however they weren't about flavour as I know it! It got to about the 5th or 6th stall when I finally found one that I would consider 'hot' - a blend of nagas and scotch bonnets pureed including the seeds, I tried a small teaspoon full and I WAS IN LOVE. Meanwhile a group of five very lad-ish men next to me trying to act hardcore were ALL reduced to tears and began to dance around in circles :') Apparently I was the only person all day who hadn't cried from it, I loved it soooo much I asked to buy it, but it wasn't for sale as it was too hot!! The festival also included craft stalls, the opportunity to see the animals and a fair few cake-y type companies too. I was particularly intrigued by the Made in Hackney (community kitchen type thing) people.. I'm not sure if you have to live in Hackney to go there or not, but it looks like an incredible idea!! :)

Naomi x

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