I Love Patterns: Anthropologie, Regent Street

I've had these photos saved on my computer ready to blog about for agesssss, but only just remembered they existed! A few weeks ago I blogged about Florence Balducci doing Regent Street Anthropologie's window display and (I had forgotten) but I really wanted to extend the post to the rest of the shop! Fortunately I feel that actually it does both topics more justice to talk about them individually, and the photos definitely can be appreciated more when they're separated from one another. Putting it lightly, Anthropologie is a clothes and homeware store on Regent Street, which its fair to say is just a big space spread over several floors that is totally dominated by and dedicated to amazing design. Everything from the window display to the jewellery racks is so precisely perfect and efficiently executed. It feels less like a shop and more like an installation, almost as if the products are 'extras' to their surroundings, although the products themselves are also a work of art. Typically Naomi, I seem to have picked up on the patterns more than anything else, it would be a total dream to design for them... the take-off Moorish stoneware in particular reminds me of Frigiliana and I really really wish I could fill my kitchen cupboards with nothing else... alas, IKEA crockery will have to see me over for now! I love the way that some of the kitchen products are laid out in kitchen-like surroundings without it seeming like a showroom and the wall of greenery adds a natural vibe and some freshness to somewhere that you really suspect it least. I think that's what it is about Anthropologie that makes it quite so unique, it is refreshing. Visually, it is completely incomparable to any other big shop in central London and it feels as though it just runs at such a different pace to the hustle & bustle of Regent Street outside. 

Naomi x

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  1. I'm overwhelmed with fantastic art thoughts... these pictures just made my day!