I Love Patterns: Africa On The Square

I soooo wish I'd had my inks or watercolours with me to sit and draw 'Africa on the Square' straight into my sketchbook on Saturday. I've honestly  never been to such a vibrant and colourful event, Trafalgar Square was literally transformed... with a main stage area showing music, entertainment and a fashion show, whilst tens of little stalls sold a wide variety of traditional African treatments, jewellery, clothes and foods. I mean, I dream of going to Africa, but until that dream becomes a reality in the distant future, this honestly gave me a real taste for what I think the culture would be like... from real people! I apologise for the appalling quality and colour of these photographs, I feel like they ruin the atmosphere altogether... but the sun was blinding from every direction, so I'd no idea what I'd taken until I got home! As always, all I 'saw' as I walked around was pattern and colour and lots of it. I love finding surface pattern inspiration when I'm out and about rather than just using sites like Pinterest and I'd really like to have a go at translating some of these fabric prints into my own style and my own designs. I finaaaally bought a concertina sketchbook the other day, after having wanted one for forever and ever, and I'm hoping to take it out and about in London to pretty places and amazing events like this and document them in a like eventually giant long strip. A bit Bayeux-Tapestry-like, haha, just kidding! The day after this event I believe Trafalgar Square held host to its annual Diwali event, which would have been another amazing one to draw! Gaaah, I really need to get myself in the habit! 

Naomi x

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