Forgotten Photos of 2014

I've come home for a few days of rest, a bit of tlc and lots of mummy hugs, so there's going to be a bit of a dip on the blogging front for that reason, but also  I've been thinking a lot about my 'online presence the past few weeks...what I want to portray and how my blog fits in and around my design stuff. I'm working on a website but I'm in a bit of a muddle as to whether the blog should be split into two (i.e. Londony stuff and Arty stuff) or whether it should remain as one and if that's the case, should it all take a front or a back seat? And where would I draw the line? It's a bit of a tricky decision because as much as I do love blogging, lately it has just become a log of exhibitions and artists. On the one hand I know that this is very very useful to some of you (I love the comments and feedback thank you!) but it is totally irrelevant to lots of people too. Anyways, apologies for the internal monologue... any thoughts would be appreciated.

...but back to the present! The reason I started to tell you about the few days off is just that I don't really have any much new content saved, so I've delved into the err depths of my sd card to pull out some random forgotten photos that probably haven't made it onto the blog before as they don't relate to much else! They've all been taken over the past 4 months since I got my DSLR, believe it or not, I've reached the 5000 mark on amount of photos taken over that time :') 

Naomi x

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