This Week's Inspiration: Louiz Kirkebjerg Nielsen

Louiz Kirkebjerg Nielson is a Dutch artist whose work grabbed my attention at the East London Printmakers annual exhibition last week (top image). I loved the way he uses cut-outs and embossing to add depth and texture to his prints... as simple as both these things sound, they are techniques I hadn't thought of combining... but I've been having quite a lot of fun experimenting with papercutting and printmaking together since! I particularly love the simplicity but effectiveness of having windows and doors cut away. The montages of buildings portray elements of familiar cities, brought tighter together, with the silhouettes of people adding life and character to each place. I feel like Louiz Kirkebjerg Nielson will be hugely influential to me on a technical level when it comes to printmaking and also in terms of the recognisability/synergy between all of his work despite the very different motives and meanings behind each individual piece. There will probably be a recurring theme of artists who work in black and white on my weekly inspiration posts, it's just something I'm drawn to and something I love creating myself, it's crazy how many different feelings/emotions can be portrayed without using any colour.

Naomi x

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