This Week's Dose of Inspiration: Lauren Salgado

I have to confess that I know very little about Lauren Salgado, other than that she's a 19 year old American graphic design student, which makes me feel very old indeed. The first I knew of her was on about Monday of this week when I spotted the hexagon picture (second down) on the internet and as everyone knows, I have a right soft spot for black and white patterns! Similarly to last week's inspiration 'August Wren' the reason that this girl is going to have such a big influence on me is once again, her sketchbooks. I'm fully motivated and inspired to start documenting and creating patterns when I'm on the go, whether they're things in front of me or things from my head. I have to say, I haven't made much progress at all on the 'keeping a sketchbook' front this week, however after following Lauren Salgado's instagram page I am really excited to kickstart this as a new project. I think that Lauren's mandala-like patterns would look stunning if they were transferred onto crockery or clothing, don't you agree!?

I feel it is really important to keep a personal sketchbook as it is something that is often asked for at interviews etc - people like to see that you love working away from uni/work briefs too! It's also important on an individual level - taking notes and making observational drawings will inspire you in ways you don't even realise. I'm keen to spend a lot more time out and about observational drawing by myself in London this year and as an aspiring surface pattern designer I'm also really into the idea of starting to make casual patterns like these...as its an activity I can carry out anywhere, such as on the tube or in the lunch hall! :)

Here are some photos from Lauren Salgado's tumblr page of her own sketchbooks, I can't believe this girl is only 19 when you see the rate she works at/uploads things! 

Naomi x

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  1. That is one wonderful sketchbook! I hope this weekly inspiration is going to become a prominent feature here!?
    Lauren // OhHay Blogs!