This Week's Dose of Inspiration: August Wren :)

I'm feeling a bit embarrassed by the sheer amount of words on my blog lately, I'm not a good writer in the slightest! I also feel like the content has been off on a bit of a tangent the past few weeks, with lots of pre-planned or specially requested posts that aren't necessarily even of interest to myself, let alone you guys. Therefore I'm trying to break up the boringness with a few more visual and hopefully more relevant things... I've always said I wanted to post more arty things on here so I've decided that once a week I'm going to pick and artist/designer/website/magazine who's/that's inspired me and share their work with you! This week is "August Wren" (working name of illustrator Jennifer Orkin Lewis) who I have been planning to post about long before I decided to start these weekly posts. Having followed her on Facebook for around a year, I've found myself getting incredibly jealous of her near-daily sketchbook photos. Basically, I just really really wish that I could paint like this! At first sight and to an untrained eye, the style is quite naive and has a sort of friendly feel to it, however these sketchbook pages are actually incredibly well painted - detailed patterns, beautiful colours and an amazing awareness of the materials being used. She describes her own work as "striving to create magic and peace... to find her own and others happiness." Having started out as a textile designer (the dream!) she now works freelance doing a wide range of stationery, magazines, children's illustrations etc.

I'm not just going to start this 'inspired by' blog feature for the sake of it, like pointless secondary school art homework, these are always going to be artists or designers who have really and truly inspired me or influenced my future practice - whether they be professionals like August Wren or other students etc. The reason that August Wren is my inspiration for this week is the fact that she's giving me a desperate urge to start keeping a sketchbook, through showing me that they don't have to be 'school style' and that frankly they can be a bit of a mess of colours and patterns (my favourite kind of mess!) She's also influenced me to pick my paintbrush up again, not a tool I often go for! I've bought a few £1 sketchbooks from Tiger and I'm really hoping that I can start to get myself into painting a bit again, nothing too serious or fine arty, just beautifully innocent illustrative work like this, that could be torn out or just as easily shut away forever in its book! Let's see how long this lasts! :P


Naomi x

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