This Week's Dose of Inspiration: Florence Balducci

Last weekend as part of London Design Festival, illustrator Florence Balducci was sat in the window of Anthropologie on Regent Street working her magic and drawing wonderful things! I always instantly fall in love with anything thats black and white pattern-y and as we were stood outside so long admiring how beautiful her work was she beckoned us in to fully introduce herself and let us have a nosey in her stunning sketchbooks - and when she found out we were illustration students she even asked for links to see our work! :) I was totally in love with the whole concept of having her working in the window and the level of interest it was generating in passers-by was insane and it's a really positive thing for illustration on a whole to have that sort of attention from the general public I think. Florence operates professionally under the name 'La Balducci' and is based in Paris.

Naomi x

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  1. It's definitely not the 20th of September yet! This really confused/scared me for a minute, I thought I'd suddenly lost a week of my life!

    Cool black and white photos though :)