Room Tour: 2nd Year House!

Around two weeks ago I moved into my second year uni house in London and I have to say I am sooooo happy here, my housemates are absolutely amazing and the house has a lovely atmosphere - even if the rest of it does need some personalisation at the moment! I will do a whole house tour after we've spend some time making it our own, but having started back at uni now that may be a while away!! My room however is already starting to feel very Naomish - thanks to lots of turquoise, cute quotes and instagram photos! Everyone says its a really cute and cosy space, and I have to say I agree... I think I've made the best possible use of my 2m x 2m space! I'm sorry that these photos are a bit pants, my camera is almost too good as it picks up on how scrumpled up my curtains and duvet cover are... and how orange the existing furniture is. I really consider personalising this space a sort of 'long-term' project, like a work in progress... its going to change and evolve over the two years I'm here I think. But in the mean time, here is a quick tour around how it stands at the moment :)

Window-sill: Photos of my family and friends in bright colour frames! I think the blue ones are from Evolution and the others from Tiger.
Instagram Prints: I printed these myself at home, but I know there are websites that charge over the odds to do so for you!
Sorry this one is blurry and excuse the view of the bathroom!  The pictures at the top are cut out from my old calendar by one of my favourite illustrators, Jen Skelley. 
One of my favourite quote things stuck to the corner of my mirror as a little reminder to myself! I also decided to stick up lots more childhood photos this year - these are my Gran and me when I was 7 and my brother and me when I was around 5.
(View out the window: you can see goats! They belong to that primary school!!!)
Photos of my favourite people!
The essentials: More family photos, postcards from Ely & Cambridge, radio, film SLR, pens, lollipops.
IKEA bedding, fleece blanket from Tiger, cushions from Tesco, H&M and Tiger and teddies because I'm a super mature 20 year old...
Fairy lights and bunting!
I bought my postcard collection here with me! :D Pleaaaase, send me a postcard if ever you go anywhere at all!
Fairy lights and bunting take 2!
Picture of me and mum and amazing Picasso quote!
'Family tree' that's also apparently currently a headband holder!
A bit of everything!
Fairy lights from Tiger, bunting from ebay and curtains from Asda!
Whole room in fairy light mode! The chair (ikea) folds away which is handy with the limited space. The rug is from Evolution and the insanely cool kilner jar mug (also turquoise!) is from Wilkos!

I loveeeeee reading room tour posts for ideas, so link me to yours in the comments!

Naomi x

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  1. Looks very homely! I really like mine too. Haven't posted any photos of it, apart from my desk: http://jonathanring.tumblr.com/post/98063709076/mostly-moved-in-excuse-the-mess-already-i-am - I bought a plant!!