London Fashion Week

I'm going to admit from the start I do not know the first thing about fashion and frankly I'm not going to pretend that I do. However, after writing long rambly letter about how much I adore patterns and prints I was offered the opportunity to volunteer at London Fashion Week! After one shift on Friday I was absolutely itching to take photos, however when I went back with my camera on Saturday I was way too shy to take photos of people! And hence, like Ellie (who I MET IN REAL LIFE!) my photos are mostly awkwardly of feet or mid-riffs (although unlike Ellie's super arty shots mine are awfuuuul) which I'm pretending to blame on my pattern obsession. But nah, really, I managed to collate together a blog post of about ten semi-decent photos out of the hundred I took! The atmosphere has been absolutely incredible and I highly recommend a visit next season if you can, even if it's just to mosey around the  courtyard - but being allowed access to all areas with my volunteer pass has been insane! Despite feeling so awkward walking around in just a jeans and t-shirt. Literally the best place I've ever been in terms of people watching - sooo many arty fashionable types and your fair share of famous bloggers and other celebrities! Plus I got to 'ooo' and 'ahhhh' offer so many stunning fabrics. ;)

Naomi x

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