London Design Festival: Wallpaper Exhibition

This was the last London Design Festival event that I visited and the last one for the blog too :( I'm already so excited to go back next year and considering applying to volunteer with them - as I'd love a reason to become more involved with the festival and volunteering at Fashion Week has been such fun! Safe to say the wallpaper design exhibition was one of my favourite things, patterns everywhere!!! I also read an extremely interesting article in the Evening Standard on the same night which was about the comeback of wallpaper, I tried my very best to tear the article out to keep on my wall... but ended up tearing it to shreds instead. Oops. Anyway, this exhibition is still on and it's taking place at 425 Harrow Road (nearest tube: Westbourne Park) which is home of the London Print Studio - if you peak around the back of the shop you can see the print studio in action!! It's a relatively small exhibition, covering a space about the size of one room... but the layout using rolls of paper hanging on the walls and strips suspended in front of the windows makes it feel a lot bigger. They are sort of divided up into sections of patterns and prints which compliment each other, but without being categorised. I loved the innovative ideas - such as the idea of using type in wallpaper, I think I would get sick of it in my home, but maybe good for a shop? The spirograph wallpaper was meant to be viewed through 3D glasses, which made it look literally amazing! I also really liked the fact that so many of these had obviously started life as simple, hand-rendered designs - the wiggley lines (reminded me of Lazy Oaf!) and the London illustrations in particular. I'm really keen to do some home interior surface patterns at some point, even if it's just for a uni project... I'd always been really keen to do homeware accessories like cushions and textiles, but stupidly wallpaper has never crossed my mind before!

Naomi x

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