London Design Festival: Playing Faces Photo Booth

Like Tuesday's post I really just wanted to show another example of how amazingly exciting and all-inclusive the London Design Festival was! I absolutely loved the pure amount of slightly silly workshops and events they had going on and seeing serious type adults transform into childish spirits for a few seconds. My only wish is that they let themselves be free of adult stresses on a daily or weekly basis rather than once a year though! The basic concept behind this pop-up in the V&A was to cover your head/face/body in as many of these old household materials as possible and have your photo taken in a Photo Booth by a professional photography! At the bottom is mine and Holly's attempt, unfortunately we were in a hurry to get to one of the Design Festival seminars, so we didn't get the chance to go as 'all out' as some of the other examples which can be seen by searching the #PlayingFaces hashtag on instagram or tumblr or visiting the live blog they were updating! Another great example of how recycling and creativity can be combined and the magic of seeing so many faces light up with inspiration and laughter was amazing :)

Naomi x

P.s. my nose isn't that hideous normally, I don't think...

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