London Design Festival: Chair Life.

Bit of a random post I have to say, but I promise it is in some way relevant to my life and stuff... as a part of the London Design Festival last weekend one of the rooms in the V&A was taken over by these fabulous chair-refurbishing people (whose names I never got- sorry!) We were drawn into the room by this fabulous part-finished chair in the first photo and as an aspiring surface pattern designer I was desperate to learn more about it! The aim of the room was to show how we could put the 'circular economy' into action and upcycle instead of throwing perfectly good things away. The man who was partway through refurbishing the err...'part-naked' chair further down took time to explain the project to us. The chair originated from around the 1930s and was on the verge of being thrown out because its fabric was worn out and out-of-fashion, but this project was rescuing its perfectly good 'skeleton' to be refurbished into an item of great style using new fabrics like the example below! I thought it was a beautiful example of how prints and patterns could completely re-incarnate an item of furniture! The facts and figures of waste that could have been re-used totally shocked me and seeing the success of these projects has really got me thinking of cheap but amazingly effective applications of my own illustration work. Maybe not going as far as chairs just yet ha, but the general upcycling for the future but even for my Etsy shop which should be set up with one first item in the next fortnight by the way!!

Naomi x

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  1. This is so awesome- so jealous of all your visits to awesome places!
    Lauren // OhHay Blogs!