London Design Festival: Animaux Circus

Bit of a fun post! I thought I would show the variety of things happening at the London Design Festival and the all-inclusive-ness which I absolutely loved as it got everyone from little toddlers to old grandmas involved in arty things and showed that everybody is an artist deep down! This workshop which took place in the V&A on Saturday is a perfect example of that... a table full of art materials supplied by CASS Art + a Concept supplied by Animaux Circus = hundreds of people making dinner for their dream guest out of paper! I began by planning on 'cooking' for Greg James (my favourite human being) however by the end I had reverted to cooking for my mum (as I thought fish curry was a bit of a weird thing to cook Greg ;) and I missed my mum!) Fish curry is my favourite meal by the way if you're currently sat thinking it was a bit of a random decision on my part, with spinach..obviously!! Mmmmmmmm. I loved watching the creations of the other people at the table... which included an amazing fruit salad, a fish ice cream for a polar bear and Holly's 'depressed student meal' of a pot noodle and coca-cola! It was so cool to see so many people getting creative, especially those who wouldn't usually get the opportunity. I think the really wide range of materials really helped up the imaginative spirits in the room too and bought out the inner child in lots of serious-type adults!

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  1. I so wish I could've gone to the Design Festival, these posts make it look so much fun!

    Just started following you, been blogging for about a week and looking for other creative bloggers! Another Coffee Shot