London Design Festival: 160 Exhibition

I apologise for how picture heavy this post is, but the 160 Exhibition was actually three exhibitions rolled into one, so it was very tricky to pick just a few photos to share! Those three exhibitions were: 50 Years of Illustration; Stereohype 2004-2014 (10) and Alan Kitching & Monotype (100)... adds up to 160 y'seeee! ;) It took us a while to navigate the Elephant and Castle roundabout added to the distraction of showing my friends the almighty awfulness of the seventies style shopping centre and when we eventually made it to London College of Communication we couldn't actually find an entrance to the exhibition! We were so close to giving up, but I'm glad we didn't as this was one of the most informative and motivating exhibitions I've ever been to. The 50 Years of Illustration section  was helpfully divided up into decades and the walls were lined with lots of useful information and history, which I took notes of for future uni work! And we were very excited to spot that one of our tutors had made it into the nineties section. The exhibition went into depth on the impact of illustration on design as a whole and investigated the many different forms that it now takes since the introduction of digital mediums and the wider cultural acceptance of it as an art form now that it is no longer exclusively for books and posters. 

I've been dying to get back into the uni print studio for months and having seen the exhibition of Alan Kitching I am now even more desperate. It looked at how himself and four other artists had become the pioneers of poster design, displaying some of their most iconic work along with films and texts of themselves discussing the importance of typography and print. I'm always eager to learn more about typography and so gutted that we don't get to study it until third year, but looking at how letterpresses and printing had been used to incorporate text into posters really excited me! It was really interesting to see how each of the five designers had a different style of 'go-to' typeface which had a synergy with their working style and through this told a story of the artist's own personality.

Naomi x


  1. Lovely photos! Want to see more haha! Glad you had a great time- I will visit London Design Festival one day!
    Lauren // OhHay Blogs!

  2. This looks so cool! I wish I had gone and seen this :) x