Late Night at the Science Museum

On Wednesday evening I finally got to see Josie again (we both live in London now, woo!) and after a delish meal in my absolute favourite, Benitos Hat, we headed to South Kensington to the Science Museum! "Lates" is a monthly event which takes place on the last Wednesday of every month in association with Mastercard at the Science Museum at which they open their doors after hours exclusively to  adults, with a range of events, bars and workshops alongside the normal exhibitions. Wednesday's theme was magic and illusion with workshops such as creating a zoetrope and screen printing being centred around that topic. It was incredibly surreal to walk into the building that is normally swarming with knee-high scout groups and schoolchildren, but see it filled with adults and beer and a backdrop of loud music beats. We both agreed it was like being in some kind of extremely ridiculous and odd dream, particularly with a silent disco in the centre, bars and 'street food' every few metres and groups of adults sat cross-legged on the floor cutting and sticking! Although we were late to arrive (and missed the pub quiz!), we still had an amazing and very full evening  dropping into some workshops and browsing the museum. It was a very exciting and imaginative event- I'm sooo glad that somewhere does something like that for 'grown ups' now that I apparently am one! We are so lucky to have so many massive museums like that available to us for free and its especially impressive that the majority of the 'Lates' event was also free! I highly recommend it and I'm definitely going to fully plan in advance for visiting next month's. 

Naomi x

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