Jerwood Drawing Prize Exhibition

I'm going to admit from the start that this exhibition really isn't my kind of thing... so I might not come across as too enthusiastic... we were forced to visit last year's Jerwood Prize Exhibition with uni and the only reason I went back this year is that I was searching for a toilet in Southwark after visiting the East London Printmakers exhibition! I am blogging about it nevertheless though as it is relevant to illustrationy stuff and to be honest, as someone who cannot draw seriously I am in awe of these people's skills... particularly the tree piece. Looking at each piece on an individual basis, I have to admit they are incredible and so impressive... taking the scrumpled up paper or the group 'photos' for example, at a first glance they look so real, it's only when you look twice and realise that you're in a 'drawing' exhibition that the amazement sets in!! It's just the exhibition being exclusively this stuff that doesn't quite work for me, it's just too overwhelmingly white and grey when you first walk in. Having said that, one of the winners was actually a sound piece, saying very descriptive adjectives in quite a plain voice. This exhibition is on at the Jerwood Space until 26th October and despite what I've said, my photographs do not do it justice and if you're interested, I do recommend going to see it up close!


Naomi x

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