Exploring with Ellie!

Last Wednesday I finallyyyy met Ellie properly (she is the loveliest, happiest and most adorable person ever!) We met each other on Oxford Street, which is about halfway between both our new houses(!) in London and caught a bus towards Portobello Road. Despite the fact the market wasn't on (kinda why we were heading there originally) we still had a lovely little adventure around the general Notting Hill area. Normally I am someone who 'heads East' for a day out in London, automatically picking Shoreditch/Bethnal Green/Hoxton, however from now on I am definitely going to mix it up a bit more with the Notting Hill area as the eclectic mix of vintage shops and brightly coloured houses has a lot of charm to it. And I imagine it's an even nicer place to be when Portobello Market itself is on. I picked my future house (it matches my sewing machine, it's meant to be), elected a trio of houses for Lauren in her colour scheme and got a bit creepy taking photos of some irresistibly cute gardens through their railings! My favourite shop was definitely 'Alice's' - the most perfect shop with a wide collection of vintage cash machines, kitchen tins, ceramics. It had everything you could ever imagine, arranged in the most amazing way, I can't begin to describe... a sort of 360 degree experience stuff hanging from the ceiling, shelves at every level on all sides... you could fully immerse yourself in the vintage shopping experience for sure! I didn't dare to look at the price tags though... 

Would you like me to do more of these posts on cute places? :) Obviously a tad more structured than this one...

Naomi x


  1. Wow, looks incredible! Really love the colours of the houses too! And please share more posts like this!!
    Lauren // OhHay Blogs!

  2. Really cute photos. Loving that purple house!