(Embarrassing) Observational Sketchbooking

I feel like it's absolutely forever since I've posted any of my own arty things. In fact, I feel like it's been forever since I've DONE any of my own arty things. So out of practice. We're back at uni this week and it's safe to say my skills are SO rusty, but I'm really keen to share lots more work on my blog from now on, and importantly not just final pieces, so I'm kickstarting with some pictures of my summer project sketchbook - which will hopefully give me the courage to post more 'work-in-progress'es, something that I'm super shy about doing. I have no problem sharing finished work and final pieces as I know I've reached a stage where I'm as happy as I will ever be with something, but I get ridiculously nervous letting people look through my sketchbooks or peer over my shoulder when I'm drawing for some reason. I can't even give a reason, I don't know what it is! I just get really embarrassed by like my thought processes and the order I work and everything! 

HOWEVER, in an attempt to try and overcome that awkwardness I feel I am going to share some sketchbook stuuuuff! These drawings are mostly observational and done on site and some from memory/photos - I think you can tell which is which! They formed the visual research part of my university summer project 'Work, Rest, Play' - if that's not uninspiring enough as a title, it is the same as our GCSE exam project was!! Along with some written research, we are using these sketchbooks to create a zine exploring some deeper social/historical aspect of whatever we looked in to in our books. I am slightly clueless. I basically just sketched various stages of my holiday without any kind of a plan and prayed that I'd be able to invent the surrounding context when it came to making the final piece. Still failing. We have to try and make our projects relate slightly more to the area that we want to work in when we leave uni this year, so for me that is (hopefully!) surface pattern design and thankfully Frigiliana is full of pretty patterns and things that can be translated easily into pattern designs. But we'll see, I may just stick to straightforward illustrations for the purpose of a zine and pattern things up next time instead?!! Photos of the next stages of this project to follow! It's only a week long brief to produce our finished product though, so I doubt it will have much time for thought- as I am very much the type of person who needs weeks for ideas to reach their optimum point!

Naomi x


  1. I really like these drawings, I'd happily put these in a frame and put them up. Especially the shoe drawing, and the double page spread of the houses with the lovely blue sky. :D

  2. I love seeing peoples sketchbook and this is no exception! Really need to get into a better practice of doing mine more.
    Lauren // OhHay Blogs!