East London Printmakers Exhibition: Embassy Tea Gallery

After having seen an amazing exhibition by the East London Printmakers at their Open Studio event way back in April or May I vowed to see as much of their stuff as I possibly could over my time in London, especially as printmaking is something I am really keen to get good at myself. I found it really inspirational to see an exhibition from a broad studio collective, rather than work from just one artist or work that's refined by a certain style. Instead these exhibitions show almost the exact opposite - displaying how many different directions you can take the same few processes! The seventy exhibiting artists at the current show range from children's illustrators to surface pattern designers to fine artists and they work using a variety of printmaking techniques.  The basement location of the Embassy Tea Gallery in Southwark provides the perfect location for their Annual Exhibition which is currently on until September 28th. My two personal highlights were a concertina book of local cafe fronts (amazing - I love that type of thing!) and a beautifully vibrant wildlife themed print within the silhouette of an elephant (I totally forgot to get a photo of this though as I was so busy trying to find out the artists name - and nobody knew it!!!) It has definitely spurred my printmaking inspiration up a notch and I'm dead keen to make my zine in our current project using screen printing if I have the time (it's only a week long brief though!) But if not, our second project this term is a couple of months long and we're also allowed use of our uni print studio for free - so I need to start making the most of that facility whilst I can! I didn't get too many photographs as my camera died half way round due to it being the end of a long day exploring Notting Hill with Ellie and visiting a number of other exhibitions/markets - posts on all those things coming soon! 

Naomi x

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