Columbia Road Flower Market!

Columbia Road has to be my favourite market in all of London. No other market has the true stereotypical bustle of a stereotypical East End market and nothing can beat that atmosphere. Every Sunday morning the East End is flooded with various markets from food to fashion to flowers. I'm sure you've hear me rave about Brick Lane before, but just a few small streets away lies Columbia Road, a tiny and usually dead quiet street which every Sunday is transformed and becomes alive with greenery and flowers. For miles around people can be spotted walking away with bunches of flowers wrapped in brown paper or driving open top cars with a newly bought forest on the back seat! 

The street is lined with an eclectic mixture of wondrous shops and coffee houses, including vintage homeware, toys, antiques and my favourite of all the official Rob Ryan shop! (Which my photo over there was taken in the next doorway to! ->) 
Down the centre of the street there are flower stalls along both sides, almost meeting in the middle, with traders shouting out about their plants and the special offers that make them one better than the similar stall next-door! Personally I adore the atmosphere and the competitive element of being pushed around a bit and battling for the right prices, but I know it's not for everyone. Either way, it is worth a visit. I am definitely planning to pop down next Sunday and buy myself some plants for my new student house - they're very good value, much cheaper than shops or garden centres. Fingers crossed for a chilli plant and some herbs for the kitchen and some flowers and a lavender pot for my bedroom! 

The market is open 8am-2pm on a Sunday only, with the best offers becoming available after about 1.30pm. Even if you're just visiting London for the day, whether or not you're planning on buying any plants, I say this is a *must do* for London! And a special thank you to my big brother for first introducing it to me last year, it is definitely in my top 5 London things of all time! :)

Naomi x


  1. Great photos! I wish I was able to visit the Columbia market when I was in London a few months back! But it just means I have another reason to have another trip to London.
    Lauren // OhHay Blogs!

  2. It's terrible that I live in Whitechapel but the only time I've been here was when I took a wrong turning on a run. My problem is always getting up on Sunday mornings, I like my lie-in too much!