Becoming a CASS Art Ambassador! :D

I can't remember whether or not I announced this on my blog already, but in August I found out that I had been picked as the CASS Art Student Ambassador for my university (Westminster), eeeeee! On Wednesday last week we had our first introductory meeting and briefing and it was the most exciting thing, motivated me so much and made me so happy to be on an artistic pathway in life! For those of you who don't know it, CASS Art is an art shop/organisation based in several London locations, its flagship store being in Islington and its mission statement 'Let's Fill This Town With Artists', however we learnt at the meeting (with a talk by Mr Cass himself!) that they are making plans to roll out and open shops in the rest of the country, we even got the opportunity to be the first set of people to see the list of towns they will be hitting and I was very pleased to see that Cambridge is one of them!! I am planning on creating a post about their flagship store in the next month or so, and once you see it you will share the excitement, as trust me they are bound to be coming somewhere near you if you live in the UK! As part of my responsibility in this role they are going to email me weekly challenges which if I complete successfully will result in supplies being sent to me/my uni, I will also have the chance to test new products, possibly write for their blog andddd appear in an exhibition at the Truman Brewery next summer. Can you think of a more Naomi-ish job!!? I am literally buzzing about the whole thing! As a part of the meeting on Tuesday we got to meet the representatives of all the other unis who were all amazing, like-minded people - so many creative minds! One girl even sat and sketched the whole meeting! We also got given these AMAZING crates with our names on (admittedly not so easy to go to the supermarket/get the tube home with!) and they were filled with a wealth of CASS Art goodies, the ones I've shared below aren't even a half of it! And on top of all these wonderful things they gave us a £20 free shop to choose absolutely anything we wanted!!! I was soooo tempted by the lomography cameras, but I went sensible and picked up the things I think I'm going to need at uni this year instead, although still got an internal debate going on about whether I should have got the camera...

Oh did I mention, we also got funky overalls!??

Naomi x


  1. This is so awesome & looks like great fun! Well done - I'm jealous :)

  2. This sounds so awesome. I think saying I'm jealous of you getting to study in London is an understatement tbh! I really hope that there will be a store near me soon then, either Aberdeen or Dundee would be awesome?!? ;) It seems like you'll have a blast and I wish you all the best and have a great time doing it!
    Lauren // OhHay Blogs!