Where have I been?

Hello. Long time no blog. I took myself a bit of a break from time consuming internety things for a few weeks as I had quite a lot going on in my real life and I didn't feel like sharing some of it and other stuff I was just genuinely too busy. I even had eight days in very rural Spain without my phone or anything and if I'm honest it was total bliss, I loved not feeling bogged down by social media/internet in general - honestly considering 'switching off' more often! I have however missed writing here so I thought I'd do a little update of where the heck I've been! Sorry its all in instagram photos, I couldn't be bothered to save them all to this computer so I just copied the html!

First exciting news... WE HAVE A SECOND YEAR HOUSE! I'm hopefully going to get my keys tomorrow but its a 6 bedroom in a quiet area of Wembley, about 15 minutes cycle from uni I'm so excited to make my room my own, it's a tiny space without even a bed at the moment but I have a growing pinterest board of ideas to customise it! I had an interview at LIBERTY'S design department - they contacted me after seeing a drawing of mine on instagram asking me to do an internship, so I had a mental 2 days putting together a full portfolio! Also in arty news, Northwick Park hospital in Harrow have allocated me two walls in their main entrance for my Harrow/Nature mural design thingyyyy :) Errrrm what else has occurred? OH I went to Manchester to stay with Rosie, which was super lovely despite me being half dead from the journey... we watched Matilda and made juice and danced around the house to old disco tunes! I've also been back to my favourite place in the whole wide world (Frigiliana in Spain) and I am now soooooo determined to a) live there one day b) go travelling around Europe whilst I'm still uni-age! More photos of my trip coming sooooon, I also went on walks with a local photographer so theres a lot he took of me being posey :')

Sad newssss, I said goodbye to Ana as she has now officially moved up't'north :( and also goodbye to Silvia as she finished her job in Cambridge :( the rest of summer is feeling very lonely now as I have only been seeing those two lately and they're two of my bestest friends and just like all my other good friends they are now far away :(


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  1. Oooh well done on the interview! That's awesome you got it through instagram!
    Lauren | OhHay Blogs! xxx