Uni House Dreams

I'm so sorry my posts have become so sporadic and long in between, not much goes on in my life back home - unless you want me to blog about loading the dishwasher or watching 57 episodes of Friends in one day!!! However, I've got lots of things planned for my first month or so back in London... hopefully you'll see blog posts of uni work (need to take it seriously this year!), London Design Festival, gatecrashing Freshers and I may even venture into London Fashion week if I find anything in my wardrobe that would be deemed acceptable enough! I'll also of course have my DSLR with me in London this year, so expect many photo-y things.

Anyway, it's a week until I take my stuff down to our second year house in London so I've been getting a bit Pinterest-happy whilst procrastinating from packing, finding ideas of how to customise a blank rented home without breaking the rules. I cannot stop myself scrolling through all these beautiful rooms wishing they were my own! Our house is a 5/6 bedroom terraced house in zone 4 of London, it's in amongst quiet residential-type streets but near plenty of mini-shops and only seconds walk from a tube station!! Inside there are 5 double bedrooms and one err 'cupboard' which shall belong to me! I am however very happy about this as I hate big rooms and I hate clutter and I get to pay less rent ;) These are some of the beautiful set-ups and ideas I came across on Pinterest - let me know which ones you think I should try out! Hopefully when I'm settled in September I'll do a room tour post of how my room realistically actually turned out... or I could even do a whole house tour! :)

The most important things for me are colour, comfort and personality. I could never live somewhere where I kept the beige and brown prominent. Somehow through photographs, additional furniture textiles or cutting up magazines, I think that colour is essential to a happy home. I love the use of flowers and plants throughout these photographs, in particular the freshness they add to the bathroom scene and the idea of hanging them upside down or putting them in mason jars! Last year I had loads of photographs, but this year I really need to print off an updates batch to add to the oldies. I find photographs and fairy lights are always an amazing combination!

Naomi x

(None of these photographs are my own, all found on pinterest and all rights reserved to their original owners.)

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  1. I wish my uni rooms had looked anything like any of these!