Those of you who read regularly or know me personally probably can tell that the long gaps between posts and the very basic 'just lots of samey photos' posts show that I am not having a particularly healthy few weeks and/or I have loaaaaaaads to do and at the moment I will openly admit it is both. But fortunately I do have lots of photos of beautifuuuuul Frigiliana to show off! I still want to also do a post on a tiny hamlet we visited in the mountains and also a more structured photo post of the pictures I took when I was out walking with a local photographer. Today however I am just going to throw another bunch of photos at you and simply say that I wish more than ANYTHING that I was back here. Serious case of the post-holiday blues. Genuinely nowhere in the world feels more like home to me than this tiny spanish village nestled in mountains and not so far from the sea...it's perfection. Everyone even has a yorkshire terrier and lives behind a turquoise door! If I don't get the chance to live here one day, my life will not be complete.

Soppy speech over. Sorry for another photo post!

Naomi x

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  1. That place looks beautiful! Love the door photo aswell.
    Lauren | OhHay Blogs!