Things Are Gonna Change :)

I have been planning for a while to write myself a list of 'new term resolutions' of things to do to make my second year at uni a lot more successful and most importantly, happier than last year. But I've also got a few other things I'm planning to blog about 'change'-wise so I thought I'd smash them all together into one post as they're all happening together and so that you have less 'me' writing to endure ;)

'New Year Resolutions'
For me, years aren't counted in Januarys-to-Decembers, but like many students and teachers I consider a year to be September-to-August. So now seems a much more fitting time to make a list like this. As the majority of you will know I actually despise the idea of new year resolutions and every December 31st I post a massive rant about how silly they are and list myself goals under a different name. However, I've sat for the past five minutes trying to come up with a different word and for once, and only for once, I've decided that resolutions is in fact the most appropriate. The things which I'm going to be writing about today are not goals, they're not places I want to end up, they are things which I'd like to change along the journey. I didn't enjoy uni as much as I should have last year, don't get me wrong, I loved it a lot, but I know there was potential areas I could have improved that would lead to me literally loving nearly every second!

  1. Stick to sketchbooks - Our teachers tried to digitalise our creative process last year and I hated it so much. Even the thought zapped away all my creativity!
  2. Make the very very most of London - I'm working on a 'to do' list. I am sooo keen to spend every waking second exploring this beautiful city!
  3. Go out more - I'm fairly good at going out in the day time, but more nights out would be kinda fun :)
  4. Skype people - I need to Skype Ana/Toby/Rosie waaaaay more. Once a fortnight each maybe? if yous are up for it? :) I miss them like craaaazy, and I miss Amy-Lee and Silvia and Sarah and soooo many people, so if ANYONE is up for a Skype in term-time, seeing faces from home makes me so much happier :)
  5. Keep a better blog - There's more on this down the bottom, but just being more consistent in my documentation so that I have something to look back on as an adult! :)
  6. Spend less time on screens - Limit my internet time (kinda ironic after number 5) but less scrolling through Facebook mindlessly, less taking my phone to class, less moaning my life away on twitter...
  7. Spend more time in the print room - Make the most of all the uni facilities whilst they're free to me.
  8. Look after myself 
  9. Meet new people - Not sure how/where I plan to do this, but I hardly know anyoneeee at uni! 
  10. Volunteer - charities, within university, get work experience/internships etccc

Looking After Myself

Second time in a week that I'm babbling on about my lack of health. I am literally sat here cringing over the fact I'm even writing about myself at all, you're certainly not going to get that again! I do not like to accept the fact that because I'm not very well, my body has different limits to other people my age and as a consequence of my denial I often push myself way way too hard, which always results in even bigger health crashes and it's very much a vicious cycle. When I was younger the nurses tried very hard to make me realise that its okay to accept my limits and tried to teach me how to make optimum use of the short supply of energy I had. I will never come to term with my limits and I will never see them as a barrier, however in retrospect I am starting to realise how important it is to manage everything a tad more effectively so I'd like to try and introduce a bit more routine into my life. It's nearly impossible as a student, living with other students, who don't always quite understand, to a) have any kind of routine and b) explain that sometimes tiny things, even someone having the tv on etc, could result in me being really ill for days. But I'd like to try out a few really simple things like getting up at the same time everyday, taking some time to myself, getting daily fresh air etc just to try and establish a bit more of a balance.

Rather more importantly, I really want to turn my diet around. For 5/6 years my diet has been appalling. It started with totally losing my appetite to glandular fever, followed shortly by severe muscle weakness meaning I lost the ability to swallow solid food and added to by the fact that I now get really super poorly (like hypoglycemic-style-attacks but I'm not diabetic...) for about 12 hours after anything complex carbohydrates, heavily dairy or meat. My friend Sophie said something a while back to me along the lines of 'food is the fuel for your body, you wouldn't expect a car to run on rubbish or nothing at all' and it kind of clicked. I mean, it sounds SO obvious, but is it really any wonder I'm quite so ill when I do put so much tiring-to-digest food or just plain rubbish into myself? Nothing is going to ever stop my diet coke or chocolate addiction, but in moderation I think they're fine...just when they were 100% of my diet for years, it seems a tad silly. I wouldn't feed my child that, so why would I feed myself it?! I'm not suddenly going to be able to swallow or eat a normal human quantity and its not going to be a miracle cure, but I'm hopeful it will do anything small like even improve my mood or my skin! Anyway, I've packed my smoothie maker and new Pinterest-esque Kilner jar up for uni and I've been following millions of superfood/clean eating instagram accounts and I'm getting my hopes up a bit too high that it will make me better! MindBodyGreen has become my new bible and I'm really happy to give it a try as part of a much more balanced lifestyle. Note to self: ice cream is not a meal.

And finally

Last of all. I really want t get myself an etsy shop up and running really soon. My original plan was the end of August, but that is nearly here! I'm hoping to get things sorted so I can market my first batch for Christmas in late October-ish? :) Lauren having set hers up is making me even more eager to give it a go! Still on the internet front, I really want to get myself a proper domain name and portfolio website up and running. It's part of our uni course this year anyway but it's something I really want to get ticked off in the next couple of months. Ideally I'd like to combine portfolio/shop/blog together on website but I'm going to be needing a lot of help from somebody who knows what they're doing! And blog, last of all... I've been desperate to give my blog's design a re-vamp since the very first day I came home for summer. Failed altogether on that front. Buuuut I'm really keen to give the content a bit of a jazz up too. Blogging makes me really happy, but I am really bad at it. I'm really inconsistent and I ramble on far too long. I love blogging about art/design and I never seem to even do that (it's the whole reason I even set it up!) and I'd really like to widen the content a lot: my own art in progress, designers I've found, Londony things, travel, exhibitions, clothesssss, outfit posts AND I think I'll be much more likely to make interesting/healthy food if I was to blog about that too?! I know most people will be all 'don't blog for the sake of it, blog because you enjoy it' and the thing is I do really really enjoy it... I just sometimes get a tiny bit lazy over it!!!

Sorry this is the longest post I've EVER written and it's all about myself... awkward. I'd really appreciate any superfood/whole food/clean eating recipes that are easy to swallow and don't include potatoes/pasta/rice/bananas/couscous etcccc please! And any ideas blog/website wise and also without making this any more awkward than it already is, any support with any of these things would mean the world :)

Naomi x


  1. Great post, it's always good to make changes now rather than putting it off for the start of a new week or even a new year. For the healthier living thing I quite like going in to Holland and Barrett just to look around. Try youtubing 'healthy lunch ideas' i know that sounds obvious but there are lots of videos from people who I find I can relate to more easily. I think I want to make a couple of changes too! Especially blogging wise. xxx

  2. Lovely post. It's a great idea to write down things you want to change, especially through a blog, you'll be more likely to do it and be motivated to do it! There are quite a lot of foody blogs so have a look through the bloglovin feed to find some awesome ones! :) Also good luck with the Etsy! Totally on the same page with you there, it's a lot of work so you do need to be in the right place to do it!
    Lauren // OhHay Blogs!

  3. Great post. Publicly commiting to these goals is a great start, and hopefully will help keep you more accountable too :) I hope you blog your progress; sharing your journey with us will help us and you. Have you got sort of menus, shopping lists and things planned out for your eating plan? I think planning ahead really helps stick at something in the moments when you really want to give up.

    I've been working on some similar goals myself, attempting to establish a flexible routine in terms of sleep, rest etc. Getting outside more consistently (regardless of the weather etc), eating better (less processed crap. So far I've change to having porridge for breakfast instead of cereal and making homemade soups again for lunches) creating more, resting properly & more regularly, connecting with friends (both in person and messages/phone/Skype's) and spending less time online/on screens. I think I also push myself and overdo it too often and sometimes on quite silly things/things that weren't necessary. Pacing is a necessary evil sometimes :(