The Creative Update Tag

I was tagged by Lauren over at Dorkfeatures to complete the Creative Update Tag. I have to say it is the first time I've ever been tagged for anything blog-y, which is kinda cool... I have to admit I did find myself reading Lauren's version of this post and thinking to myself 'THAT IS ME, SOMEONE HAS WRITTEN ABOUT ME' it's kind of a strange stage I think we're at, but a very exciting stage. This post will probably turn out long and ramble as does everything I write, so stop reading here if it's not your type of thing and come back tomorrow! :) (None of these images are my own.)

What am I working on?
So many things. University-wise our current project is quite dull... over the summer we've had to create a sketchbook under the title 'Work Rest Play' which was also the title of my GCSE art exam, hence my lack of enthusiasm. I am however quite excited about turning our 'research' into a zine when we get back in September as I've never made a zine before! :) I'm also currently creating different colour combination options for a black and white drawing I did a while back of a very unrealistically happy Harrow which the local hospital want to turn into a mural!!! I can't say too much on the internet yet though. Aside from uni stuff I've been making plans to start a little Etsy shop selling surface patterny/illustrationy bits and bobs, I really want it up and running by like the end of October with Christmassy stuff to kickstart I hope - although it's not looking likely whilst I'm so busy! Errm, as we speak I'm drawing pandas as part of an unusual job application. I'm also planning a photography project to take my new DSLR on some serious adventures around London.  I'm currently enrolled in the Make it in Design Summer School for which I have a deadline to complete on the themes of 'tribal' 'animal prints' and 'collage' by next week... I literally HATE animal print so I'm avoiding that one like the plague! Considering doing ladybirds or something, they count right?! ;) I enter the Tigerprint monthly competitions toooo so I've got to have a cute character prepared for the start of September! What else? *I am literally just writing out my to-do list* my brother is getting married next week and me and mum are making the confetti cones which involves some complex printing out and weird rolling/folding techniques!!! I could go on and onnn with what I'm currently working on... I am definitely a bit of a multi-tasker, I get incredibly restless if I have less than 3 things on the go, but you can see why I haven't had time for the Etsy stuff yet!

How does my work differ from others of its genre?
At sixth form and college my tutors always described my work as 'naive' which I think was just their polite way of saying 'rubbish'. Either way, my work differs because I haven't put enough work in yet. It takes 10000 hours to become good at something and I'm not their yet, I'm only just on my way. :) In terms of style, I think the difference within an illustration genre would be the amount of pattern I put into my pictures, but if you classified my in a 'surface pattern' genre the answer would be how illustrative my work was. I think. Correct me please if you have a better answer!!!

How does my creating process work?
There's a diagram somewhere on the internet which pretty much exactly describes the rise and fall of my creative process. The night I am given a project brief, nine times out of ten, I get straight into it and don't leave it alone until 3am/4am - brainstorming, collecting research, drawing pictures, listing exhibitions, pinterest-ing etc. Then the next day my enthusiasm dips and doesn't pick back up again until about halfway to the deadline, with a "panic night" somewhere near the end!!! It makes me fell really guilty admitting to that, as it feels so wrong, like I'm misbehaving, but creativity cannot be forced, so if I need breathing time for the first half, waiting for inspiration to come naturally, I don't think thats necessarily a bad thing? Materials-wise, fine line pen is my best friend. Watercolours, Photoshop, Inks and my new love PRINTMAKING <3

Why do I create?
Oh dear. I'm not sure I know the answer to this. I nearly didn't even take GCSE art so there was a possibility that year 9 me could have made a wrong decision which would leave me career-less now. This isn't something I particularly like to mention on the blog, but I have M.E. and at the point when I was picking my... well my future basically, during sixth form, creative subjects seemed to be the only things my brain could cope with. Apart from killing my mobility and stopping me being able to eat, the illness, or at least the pain from it, turned my brain to proper mush... I haven't been able to read properly for years (blogs are my saviour in that regard) and stuff... I spent an increasing amount of time on my art stuff (I was doing visual arts, photography, film studies and English after dropping maths, enviro and spanish because I was really unwell, looking back I could not have even physically coped with being in education if it wasn't for the arts) but so anyway, naturally English got neglected, but I found the other three somewhat more therapeutic. And for a while i even considered going into art therapy because it helped me no end to have these creative challenges in front of me and I LOVED THEM, it was something I could/still can channel all my excess motivation, determination and insomnia hours into. It was also at this point I discovered a book in the library about art journalling and overnight my school sketchbooks turned into works of art themselves. The first thing I ever created in 'my style' was a black and white a2 drawing of a girl pushing a bicycle and I haven't gone back to anything else since! I just realised I didn't really answer the question - went off on a massive tangent, oops. I've put the actual answer in bold!

Sorry for all my rambling, you know what I'm like! I doubt anyone at all read through all that gobble-de-gook!

Naomi x


  1. Aw I loved you answers! Glad to see this spreading like wild fire over on all my fav creative blogs after writing it myself! I hate the creative process. I always have that omg need to do everything day and then after im like fuck no this is all wrong! ITS ALL WRONG! then it finally works like a week before it's due...I hope Amy does this tag too! I tagged her as well.
    Lauren // OhHay Blogs!

  2. Thanks for tagging me! I put up my post today haha. I like your answer to the second question I think that it fits your work just right! I can't wait to get to uni to do some actual print making I felt like I missed out in college which was annoying. Loved reading your answers to this :) xxx