Miro Slavin // Frigiliana Photography Walk

I didn't want to do lots of uni posts in a row as I understand that many of the people who read this are either not of the age or health for uni at the moment so I thought I'd break it up with some other contenty type things and bits and bobs. I have however been considering putting together some posts on advice on moving to London but I don't know how many of you that is even applicable to (probably zero) so most like i won't... anyway... today I thought I would share with yous something else from my holiday. Whilst I was in Frigiliana, local photographer Miro Slavin (Otra Vista Gallery) took me out walking with him. I also dragged my brother and dad along (quite an accomplishment considering the early time we had to be there!) and in that couple of hours I learnt more about photography and more about my own cameras than I did in the whole of my sixth form photography course. He was super impressed that I was dying to shoot in film too, although he confiscated it for most of the trip so he could teach me the digital settings!

I will show you first some of his own photos, taken in southern Spain and northern Morocco, and then I will share some of the ones I took whilst out on the walk!

Absolutely gorgeous shots that perfectly capture places and moments in time. I would definitely suggest you head over to his website or Facebook page and have a look at some of his other work too. Now, the let-down part, the photos that I took myself! As I said, much of this he was just teaching me how to operate the camera properly and strange tips and tricks such as waving a tissue to get a nicer lighting effect!! But because it was predominantly experimental, I don't have any extraordinary photos! However my brother was forced to have his photo taken, so capturing him was an achievement in itself!!! These are all the raw and unedited photos so there is slight room for improvement, I know!

Naomi x

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