Long emotional ramble on the fact Company is no more...

Yesterday I posted a photo of the September issue of Company Magazine onto instagram with the caption: 
"My favourite day of the month has come round again! #obsessed #magazinelover #designenthusiast" 
And less than 24 hours after this, I was scrolling through Facebook and came across a letter from Company magazine to its readers which basically said that after one more issue they would be discontinuing their print editions and only operating as a website. My initial reaction was tears. Genuine real water tears. Everything about Company Magazine is just so perfectly designed and the content is spot-on. I know its stupid but I honestly feel so lost (almost as though a person has died) at this news, most of all I am heartbroken that I never got to have work experience in their art department whilst it was still in beautiful print, as I'd never plucked up the courage to email back my portfolio when I asked.

(Sorry, should have put the 'cool filter' on all of those, blame my bedroom lights for the orangey tones!)

I understand that the media industry is under pressure to go digital, because in order to be cutting edge, you always need to be one step further into the future than your competitors. But I don't like the future. I'm the kind of person who still prefers to take photos on films and is horrified by the idea of a kindle. You might suggest I was alone in this view, however seconds after it was announced facebook's 'Company Collective' group and my twitter feed both went crazy with disgruntlement and total shock. There's been cries to start petitions and desperate questioning of 'WHY', the general consensus seems to be that no magazine can ever replace Company in terms of content and no website can ever replace holding that beautiful matte paper or lining up the patterned spines on your shelf. 

I'm not going to lie, the graphic design was the first thing to attract me to Company after its rebrand in early 2012. It was one time that judging something by its cover truly paid off. Although the price has almost doubled since then, I have collected every issue since and they do proudly sit on my shelf all in a row of little happy patterns. I could spend hours just stroking the matte pages and admiring how every page could be a work of art in itself. I even wrote my first university essay on the design of Company, this blog post is getting rather ridiculously long and I don't want it to turn into that! But I will just say that their content was always spot on for me, unlike other magazines their focus was always AFFORDABLE fashion, careers and 'real people' celebrities such as Zoella and Jameela Jamil. I know they're only going online and not dying forever, but I will never be able to go to the shop and buy an issue or use it to occupy me on my regular long train journeys. I, like many people, don't think print is dead and don't want print ever to die. However, it seems it is the end to Company's 36 years of print! I cannot afford an iPad to read my magazines on, but I can afford £2.60 a month on the much prettier print version. :(

Naomi x


  1. Oh no! I hadn't heard about this yet. I have to say although it was a great magazine it wasn't one I picked up often as I prefer the likes of OhComely! and Frankie. I agree with you that the design of it is honestly is amazing and I would have loved to work with their arts department as well. It's a really sad thing to see magazines thinking that they have to be only online nowadays as most people I speak to would say that they prefer the printed versions. Hopefully something can turn around their minds and it will still have printed versions even if it is like quarterly.
    Lauren | OhHay Blogs! xxx

  2. Everything you said about Company is literally how I feel haha, especially the patterns and how they look on your shelf lined up with every different month's issue. Such sad news xx