Frigiliana in Film!

This morning I finally took my film to the shop to be developed. I say 'finally', I've actually only been back in the UK for about 3 days but it feels like I've been waiting forever to see how these turned out! They're nothing amazing though, I was just so keen to see them and re-live the most amazing week's memories whilst dreaming of being back there. I also took a whole roll of film on my diana mini and I am absolutely distraught that the camera ripped the film to complete shreds and I'll never get to see them :( I was also slightly anxious that my camera might of been on totally the wrong light setting, but I don't know, I think they're okayish? :) I've got manyyyy digital photos I want to share tooooo and maybe even write a little review/trip advice thing for people who are/might go there... we'll see how much time I have! Busy being s busy beeeee :)

Naomi x

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  1. These are so so nice!! I love film, I wish I had a better film camera. The place is gorgeous too. Not great about the film ripping but these things happen, I think these make up for it :)