"Back to School" Wishlist #1

I'm not really going back to school. I so wish I was. But I was always quite a big fan of back to school shopping, in particular buying lots of pretty stationery and packets of pens... in fact I still do that. Let's not lie. A stationery-style wish list will be on its way next week but today I thought I'd collect up some of the clothes I really wish I could afford and waffle on about how much I love them ;) In true idiot-naomi style, I threw away my piece of paper which I was listing where all of these were from and hence there's going to be a bit of guess-work involved in order to re-identify them!! So I apologise in advance if any are wrong or missing... this is officially going to be the worst and the least professional blogpost EVER! :|

(I think we should bring Gap hoodies back, who agrees? Comfiest things in the world!!)
1/ *forgotton agggh sorry* /3
1/2/ HELP I can't find these jeans again but i really really NEED them!
1/I NEED this black dress for choir and I can't find it again, help!?/3

Sorry for all the missing parts... my memory has failed me and my internet history isn't helping me either :( If anyone does come across that black dress or those perfect colour/shape jeans again PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let me know on twitter @24_hour_smile or in the comment box! I will genuinely love you foreverrrr :)

Naomi x


  1. I am inlove with that mint satchel! So beautiful. Lovely collection of other pieces too!
    Lauren // OhHay Blogs!

  2. Ahhh this is perfect! I love the satchels, the dresses, t-shirts - well, everything!