Outfit Post: favourite colours, paisley patterns & beautiful buildings

I feel a bit kinda self-obsessed uploading this post, four photos of me in a row is not something that's going to occur again in a hurry. However, I wanted to show off my new dress and for once I had non-webcam photos of it, but I knew Ana would hate me forever if I put anymore of her on here... so I had to carefully select the ones of me that weren't absolutely eye-killingly-dreadfully horrific. Tempted to scribble out my face in some of these :')

Anyway, my beloved best friend is moving away next week and her parents kindly invited me to their farewell gathering which took place in the absolutely breathtakingly gorgeous grounds of St Johns College, Cambridge. Despite living 30 minutes away my whole life, I've never been inside the grounds of any of the university colleges and I was just in absolute awe at their beauty.

The patterny dress I'm wearing is one I'd been eyeing up on Asos from Motel Rocks since before Christmas I think, it's got t-shirt length sleeves (I hate my arms, so bonus!) and is described as 'smock' - although it is not as baggy as other smock dresses I own, I still love the way it sits and the fact that whilst it goes in at the waist it is actually not 'fitted' at all and hence I feel very comfortable in its spaciousness! I teamed it with a pair of very worn out purple metallic shoes I've had for about 4 years from Forever 21 (regretted that after dancing in their non-existent soles for 4 solid hours at Propaganda!) and a turquoise bag from Tesco. As anybody who knows me even a tiny amount will know, everyyyything I own, right down to my kitchen cutlery, is purple and turquoise so I was in heaven with the choice of accessories I had to match this dress - literally every piece of jewellery, every bag and every accessory I own could have easily matched it! (It was way too hot to wear tights in reality, but my legs are completely covered in bruises at the moment.)

Naomi x


  1. Sounds like a great day & you new dress is totally 'you' and looks great :)

  2. Weirdly enough I just visited Cambridge! So many tourists. And bikes. The dress is lovely :)