New Year Goals, Halfway Review (spectacular fail).

  1. Enter more art competitions - so far failed, I've entered a lot of tigerprint ones and I'm hoping to get a move on with 'Gifted?' too, yesterday I found a website with amazing old briefs and even though I obviously can't enter them, I'd love to have a go over summer :)  
  2. Take more advantage of London - I think I've been doing this. I spent a lot of term 2 and 3 exploring by myself and realised I 'see' a lot more when I'm alone!
  3. See Ana, Josie, Silvia, Toby and Rosie moreeee - I've seen everyone except Rosie, but I can never see enough of these people, so not going to cross it off yet!
  4. Start a website/facebook page/something for my illustration/design work - I started a Facebook page back in April, which has something around 200 likes so far. I'm hoping to double that by the end of the year and open up an etsy shop toooo.
  5. Get some sort of design work experience - so far failed completely.
  6. Get a job. - also failed, I had a volunteer job doing the social media for Oxfam which was cool, but like I really need a money-earning job.
  7. Start enjoying my course more and get back to my own style of working :) - I wouldn't say I've done this at all. I did one piece in my own style, but still detesting every single brief. They're impossible to every turn around and make my own style :(
  8. Go to places in Europe - Going to Spain this Summer, booked for once hoping for twice. I'm kinda keen to go to a Christmas market or something in Europe in winter too.
  9. Take more film photographs :) - definitely doing this! My bank account will tell you so ;)
  10. FINALLY buy my macbook  - DONE. Best purchase of my life.
  11. Eat more fruit. - I was doing this at uni, kinda failed again since I got home.
  12. Move more. - Yeah, this is happening :)
  13. See more of England! - Also occurring :)
  14. More nights out - I would say so, but there's still potential for more.

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