Ely Cathedral

I've lived in Ely (teeny tiny city in Cambridgeshire, worth a visit!) my wholeeee life and yesterday was the first time I've ever climbed up the cathedral! It has two towers and we went up the smaller of the two yesterday, although I'm determined to conquer the other one during this summer too! I'm surprised at how few photos I took, perhaps because I felt a bit rude or perhaps because the guide spoke for so long!!! So disappointed that I couldn't see my house because we were round the wrong side - hoping I'll spot it when I go up the other tower!

The historical side of the Octagon tower was amazing, I loved being able to open the window and gaze down on the cathedral as though we were totally suspended above it. Old architecture always amazes me because I cannot get over the amount of mathematical accuracy achieved without technology to make these incredible structures that we probably couldn't even achieve with technology and for them to still be standing thousands of years later. Not even to mention the complete art and beauty and the symmetry. Ahhh it's just incredible! I'm planning to go back in the cathedral and do some drawing/making patterns over summer as I get free entry :))

Naomi x


  1. Wow it looks beautiful! I used to live in Bedfordshire.. so sort of near!
    You've got a really lovely blog <3

    Hayley-Eszti | www.hayleyeszti.blogspot.com