D&AD New Blood 2014

Yet another example of how horrifically awful I am at blogging. In my head, this blog post was going to be up within an hour of returning from the D&AD show, however, the photos and the words I'd formed in my head got forgotten about in amongst the excitement of possibly now having a 2nd year house and the stress of securing it with the estate agent. Anyway, yes, on Wednesday I went to the D&AD New Blood show which was held in Spitalfields. For those of you who are not familiar with this event, it's like an exhibition featuring the best of new talent in design, advertising and visual communication from art schools and universities across the UK - 2014 was my second year visiting the show and it is one of my biggest aims to exhibit there in 2016! 

Narrowing down all the amazing work that I photographed to just enough for a blog post was an impossibly hard challenge, but it did make me realise the things that really stood out to me at the exhibition were the things which really broke the boundaries of traditional graphic design and illustration - things that had been embroidered, cut from paper or built entirely from unexpected materials into three-dimensional 'sculptures'. One thing which was very noticeable to me, I don't know if other people will agree, but was how each university almost had its own 'style' - a certain colour scheme or technique or just feel to the work that all of the students seemed to fit in to. This makes me very determined to breakaway from the expectations of the tutors and the way that a lot of the time I end up only working in a way that will please them. It also made me realise that perhaps other universities were better suited to my way of working. 

I've selected some of the most interesting items, I'm very sorry that I haven't credited their creators, I really should have kept notes. If anybody knows any of the works owners and wants to let me know in the comment box, I would feel a lot more comfortable posting this :')

Naomi x

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  1. Oh wow this is cool, i really like the clocks and the laptop made out of knit/fabric(?) Even though i'm doing a textile course this still makes me excited for uni!
    Amy x
    The Creative Outlook