Summer Goals!

Summer 2004, Gibraltar.
  1. Self-initiated projects and lots of them!!! :) I need more stuff for my portfolioooo.
  2. Enter the Tigerprint brief competition EVERY month and find other competitions/briefs to do too.
  3. Start either like an ArtRookie page or a folksy/etsy page to sell prints/personalised pictures/tote bags or something...
  4. Get over this relapse and be well enough to go back to uni for another year (please).
  5. Find a house in London for September!
  6. Do my uni summer project up to my old high standards and not half-heartedly like all my first year projects!
  7. Get out my sewing machine and revive my skills ;)
  8. See Rosie, Toby and Silvia! :)
  9. Go abroad, go to a theme park and go to the beach!
  10. Visit illustration and design graduate shows/new designers/d&ad etcccc. 

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